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The Coral Lahiani Institute for Advanced Cosmetology

While facilitating trainings for continuing education, Coral Lahiani quickly learned that the beauty industry not only required advanced technical training, but also required business coaching and customer service training, as well. To solve this problem, she quickly adapted by expanding The Institute's existing curriculum to include classes on salon business and interactive training in customer service via role play and video production.

The Coral Lahiani Institute for Advanced Cosmetology provides specialty classes hosted by reputable beauty industry leaders, small business gurus, brand specialists, and more. The core curriculum (shown below) is offered to licensed cosmetologist with at least 2 years of professional working experience.

The Institutes Curriculum

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1 A-1

Salon Business
What sets you apart?
“The Market Place”

Lecture on the requirements and expectations of salon ownership. Explore the different types of business entities, tax filings, book keeping, business and action plan writing. Learner will be challenged to think ambitiously, gain valuable knowledge of first steps to compliance for business ownership.

1 A-2

Salon Business

“The Market Place”

Lecture on licensing requirements (City & State), understanding credit, business banking (do’s and don’ts of securing a loan), business development centers (minority, women’s, local, state and federal), contracts, and professional services. Student will gain knowledge of vital resources and steps required to secure financial assistance.

2 A-1

Professional Development
Write your own narrative!

Lecture on personal branding, on camera role play on interpersonal communication, discussion on time management, professional and personal ethics and duty of care, public responsibility, liability, and insurance. Student will learn best entrepreneurial practices, develop a professional mission statement and code of ethics, thereby to grow and retain business.

2 A-2

Professional Development

Guest Speakers Lecture on Branding, marketing, social media and traditional media, how and when to advertise, attracting and retaining the right clientele for you, finding your niche. Student will gain insights on marketing, branding, advertising their business. To capture their specific markets.

3 A-1

Salon Operations

Presentation on designing a salon layout, creating an atmosphere, training on POS and CRM software, maintaining inventory, reconciling cash flow, salon management software,
sanitation practices and carbon foot printing. Open and close procedures, special vendor services (i.e., janitorial, laundry, and maintenance). Students form realistic expectations by learning to set achievable protocols.

3 A-2

Salon Operations
“Your chair is your business”

On camera role play to demonstrate, client reception, hospitality, salon etiquette, station management. Students will learn to set high standards of practice through the “Beauty Exchange”

4 A-1

Technical Skills
“In The Beginning”

Revisit the fundamentals, healthy blow dry techniques, understanding and identifying hair textures. Students will identify and correct fundamental deficits in their practice, gain understanding of various hair types and textures.

4 A-2

Product Knowledge
“Chemistry for Cosmetologist”

Cosmetic chemists and brand ambassadors will Identify key ingredients in professional salon brands, discuss features and benefits, proper usage, retail sales. Students will gain greater confidence in chemical applications and product usage.

5 A-1

Fundamental of Color Formulation
“ABC’s and 123’s”

Presentation on writing linear color equations, color fundamentals and laws, create dynamic dimensional color. Students will learn to write color calculations and predict outcomes.

5 A-2

Advanced Color Formulation
Level 2 (contributing pigment red/copper) 10A+40vol = 6G

Learn to calculate and predict outcomes by determining underlying contributing pigmentation, through formulation. Students acquire knowledge to create and perform complex color formulations by sight.

5 A-3

Advanced Color Techniques
“Perfecting Blondes”

Video presentations on classic and modern blonding techniques; weaving, slicing, paneling, herringbone, and freehand highlighting. Students will master the art of blonding by properly using opposing pigmentation.

6 A-1

Advanced Cutting Techniques
“Learn From the Masters”

Master cutters demonstrate methods and techniques, cutting on squares, concaves, perfect solid forms, lines, disconnected layering, elevation and graduation. Students will gain confidence experimenting and exploring various shapes using a myriad of techniques.

6 A-2

Mastering Fringe and Camouflage Cuts

"Only Your Stylist Knows"

Discussion on causes of hair loss and ways to prevent it. Learn techniques for creating beautiful camouflage style options.

Students will gain insight and  education on working on clients with hair loss.

7 A-1

Career Options In The Industry

Career coach will discuss expectations of effective resume writing, leveraging your skills and practice interviews scenarios. Student will explore a gamut of career options in the beauty industry.

7 A-2

Career Options In The Industry
“Ready For The World”

In person interviews with industry leaders. Students will have an opportunity to meet an interview with retail salon hiring managers.

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